Monday, July 16, 2007

If life was run like a post office station....
1. We would all be wearing protective, safety glass helmet on our heads. This protects us from our inconsiderations and the frusterations we stir up in others.
2. We would panic when we see people waiting and run for a lunch and coffee break during rush hour.
3. We would attract people who complain about lines and waiting then get to the counter and proceed to act like a 5-year old asking "why is the sky blue?" and "why is my stamp green?" and "Are we there yet?" "How long will it take to get there?"
4. Our answers would come out something to the effect of "well priority is blue and it doesn't gaurantee anything but you have to use it since you used the label".
5. We would dole out money in partial payments of 5 stamps, 2 dollars and the remaining $3.47 on credit card.
6. We talk amonst ourselves to avoid the eye contact and aggrivated looks we've caused on others.
7. We'd say things like "I can't handle you more than once. It's my policy."
8. You are 3 seconds past the hour, so "sorry, step back, we're closed".
9. We would have our managers walk around staring at the meandering line then leave and lock the door so no one could come in or out.
10. We would be left with no paper, pens or labels.
11. We would not be told about strict guidelines on wrapping packages so that later we would be publically humiliated and insulted because we didn't follow the rules.
12. We play hide and seek in the back room-- and camouflage ourselves among the other packages.