Monday, February 26, 2007

Traveling makes you realize how much you've grown, changed and how different your bubble world is. In the past month, I have driven to LA and flown to San Diego from San Francisco and realize that the way I live and see the world is much different than others.

For instance, I was in line at the airport gift/sucker shop paying $3.50 for a bottle of dangerous liquid when I see an elderly couple in front of me. The wife pays for the items and turns around when pop! the man's briefcase unlatches. I look down and notice the briefcase for the first time. I stand it utter amusement at the antique relic of the black square suitcase resurrected from the early 1960s. It reminds me of my grandfather- a hard-working traveling salesman. I bend down to see if I can help this man, but his wife tries and he waves her off, so I dare not attempt.
Instead I glance a little longer- noticing that he has a dress shirt and slacks inside the suitecase. Could he really fit his weekend supply of clothes in the suitecase? Wrapped around the suitcase was a black dress belt that he had been using to help keep the briefcase closed. Evidently it pops open frequently. His daughter comes by to try to help but didn't have much luck as he grumbles and waves her away stubborn to close the case with his own willpower. Was this his luggage? Was he too proud to retire his briefcase and the idea that he wasn't as much the productive, working man he once was?

As painful as it was to watch this man struggling and as silly as the traveling case seemed to me, it reminded me of my hand-clinched security blankets and how out of date and closely I hold them but may not use them. It seems we all have these issues and how hard it is sometimes to just let go. I think it's important to practice the art of letting go and changing your habits or routines monthly or even weekly by trying something new and different. It may not be a big hit or quick fix, but it's important to try. This is definately a way to embrace technology and the web. What's the worse that could happen-- F12 key compresses your life?! With enough coffee and Red Bull, I'll be able to evolve as fast personally and professionally.

*Side note: Wouldn't it be great if you could log your personal maturity level and web usage on a technology timeline? Age 65, church-goer, banner ad clicker, email spam collector and reader, briefcase traveler. Also known as DOS computer or Pong game.