Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yesturday, I was in the city of Target, Greatland (Daly City which has 2 Greatlands within a mile of each other) driving down an aisle with what felt like my hummer of a cart weaving between the sea of people and overflow from the mall spilling into Target. It took me a while to orientate myself and focus on the distant signage and not the chaos swimming around me. Going down my list I had wished there was a search engine or site map I could turn to to quickly locate everything. The sad fact of being in the SE world is you wish everything was a search box away. Originally I was from the microwave age, (30 sec-1 minute of patience) and now I've crossed into the search engine age (200-500 milliseconds) I love the elderly and find them refreshingly real and honest, but aging definately has a twisted sense of humor. While purusing through Target, I found it amusing that there was a cute, big hatted old lady looking at the toddler pulls ups age 3-5 and you know she wasn't getting those for her grandkids 'cause she pulled one out of the box and held it up to herself for size. I couldn't help but snicker. In the next aisle/town over there was another lady going crazy with the Lysol. Did you know there is an entire row (acre) of smelly stuff to overcome our fear of dirty smells or is it make us fear we smell if we don't smell like ocean breeze. I went cross eyed looking at it all--- Lysol sprays, plug ins, refills, car plug ins, candles, stand ups, stick em styles, hanging ones and everyone was spraying. I smelled like a cinnamon apple figgy petunia when I got out of there and it only took me 3 hours....eeeek. The good news-- I got in some exercise and got a chance to meet some more Target-loving employees on each lap.

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